17 Tips for Decorating a Man by Tinder + Conversation Tricks & Opening Sentences

Here’s what you’ll learn in this article:

  • 4 Elements of a good Tinder profile text for women.
  • 1 Simple Tinder opening for women who literally the perfect first message is to send him
  • How can you decorate a man and can get updated on Tinder.
  • The 75/25 rule for a nice conversation that does not fall silent
  • And a lot more Tinder decorate tips and tricks to decorate women …

Check out the video below now:

How to decorate a man over Tinder

tinderTinder is now totally hip. Almost all bachelor Netherlands – who has a smartphone – is over.

It’s kind of app that you can get in touch with other people.

What you actually do, you have your phone in your hand and you get a picture, you can thereby either to the left or to the right.

If you go right you will like him.

If you go left you do not like him.

both of you like each other?

Tinder-tips-for-womenThen you and match and you can enter into conversation with each other.

So you can get to know each other better and maybe meet sometime.

If you want to do it the right way – so if you want to save yourself a lot of awkward dates – I’ve been here 17 tips for you. These tips are not about installing the app. Ask me there please no questions. I’m not a technical marvel;)

Where I can help you do that is to find a nice man on Tinder. There are finally millions (yes, really millions) on.

For convenience, I have divided the tips into two parts:

  • Part 1 – Tinder profile Tips for Women: How do you attract the right men (who like you).
  • Part 2 – Tinder Interview Tips: How to keep your conversations fun and the right man to get date.

Let’s start right away.

Part 1 – Tinder profile text for women: How do you attract the right men (who like you).

 1. Write a profile text

harry-potter-tinder-profileIf you are familiar with dating sites, you know that something as “simple” as a profile text can still be an uphill struggle.

So a friend told me recently that she had only spent seven hours to her profile text.

But fortunately this is not such a hassle at Tinder.

On Tinder because you get – whether you like it or not – hard assessed look of your … er … photos.

Why then still a profile text?

Well look. If you liken the two together, he’ll look at your profile sentiment.

And if there is something good in your profile sentiment than he thinks right:

“Gee, I let it establish a conversation about it.”

good ideaIn short, a sentiment profile make it so easy for him to open a conversation in a fun and original way.

It is a very simple way to make your conversations more fun.


Despite your profile text Tinder is less important than traditional dating sites, there are still some things you want to watch.

What you do not want to put in your profile text:

do not

  • Negativity.
  • Traumatic experience.
  • Profound (and general) quotes.
  • A laundry list of demands that you seek in your match.

What you want to put in your profile text:

  • Positivity.
  • A (nice) explanation of your photos.
  • Briefly tell us what makes you happy.
  • What you been up to in everyday life.

Besides your profile text, there is something even more important: your photos …

2. Use more than two photos

cameraHow it went at it, Tinder is a visual medium.

In other words, pictures are super important.

So why limit yourself by 1 or 2 pictures to put on your profile?

The problem is that men will often think:

  • She has no life.
  • It is a fake account.
  • She looks in really different.

These are all things that make you scare men.

Even if you are not completely satisfied with the way you look, yet it is always better to put more than two photos on your Tinder profile.

Rather too much than too little, but make sure in any case that you are at least three photos of your Tinder profile.

3. Add to profile a photo with your whole body out

We men are very visual set , because when we buy a car we kick against the band and we want to inspect it from all sides.

Men are just very simple visual creatures.

(why do you think the playboy doing so well among men;)

What occurs quite often is that women (who are less proud of the body which they have) just put a picture of their face on it that was taken over it from a special corner with a large filter.

The result?

They look totally different than they really are

Screenshot 2015-10-14 at 18:34:37And maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never quite understood why women do …

It seems a very clever trick, because you think:

“Yes, a dating site is still superficial, it runs just to look, so he gets to know me anyway, and if he knows how much I am as a person than appearance does not really matter.” 

But that is really as SIN.

Because look. The purpose of such an app is that you really going to see the end together.

And every woman – how you therefore looks – has a target audience.

Every woman has a kind of market

give other guys a chanceFor example, some men love:

  • Short women.
  • Tall women.
  • Round women.
  • Thin women.

You can not dream up crazy, but every type of woman has such a market.

And if you only put pictures of your head on your profile, go to all the men in conversation, but many of these men are not in your market.

… Those guys are your body is not attractive.

So what you really want to do (to save time) is fully let yourself look like you are, so you will only deal with the men who really like you. There was men, so a little pre-selection will not hurt.

4. Use pictures that say something about you

source 1

source 1

In other words, use pictures of you (in action) in real life.

So do not just those hip / sexy selfies which curves out exactly the right way.

This pull namely men you just want for your body.

So unless you want it is not a good plan.

Instead, create pictures of yourself in everyday life. Take pictures of the things you care about.

Ok Cupid’s blog is in fact a study done for the best profile picture.

What seems?

Photos that you undertake an activity – for example, playing guitar – ensure that more men have a conversation with you will establish (source 1).

A man will think namely:

“Gee, a photograph in which she plays guitar, I’ll make good use of it here to say something about it.”

You help him as it were to enter into a conversation with you.

But that’s not all…


source 2

If you want to do it right, make sure your flirtatious (and laughing) to the camera.

The same research shows that you will as a woman gets the most matches (source 2).

So …

In short, if you:

  1. Photos used to say something about you.
  2. (Possibly) photographs used where you look flirty and smiling at the camera.

Then you have in no time that nice match to tinder;)

5. The right preferences and discoveries

take-me-out-syndromeWait a minute …

Before you get started with Tinder is the first important fact to customize your settings for a while.

For you I can so imagine you’re waiting out there to meet a man thirty years older and therefore live another hundred kilometers away.

(If you have looking for then I said nothing;)

It is therefore important to set the right preferences.

This is how you set the correct preferences:

Settings tinder

  1. Open Tinder (log in).
  2. Tinder open the menu (top left).
  3. Go to “Preferences and discoveries.”
  4. Set the desired ages and search distance.

And unless you’re in the middle of nowhere to live, you do not worry that there are not enough nice guys when you live nearby.

There is no reason to find that nice man from home.

6. Turn on your notifications

unread messagesIf you want to meet a nice man over Tinder it is convenient to turn your notifications.

You’re not the first who messed with a man because you suddenly weeks unresponsive.

Maybe because you’d forgotten …
maybe because you were really busy …

But yes, he will think:

  • You are aloof.
  • You do not like him.
  • You have a lot Tinder matches.
  • You’re always busy and never have time.

All things that he would rather run away screaming at you that he continues to chat with you.

Even if you keep chatting …

This allows you (unforgettable) bad impression on him behind

pay attentionAnd it would be a shame if you do this  your soulmate goes wrong, or not?

Exactly, why put your notifications to.

This lets you know exactly when your favorite match you have sent a message, this is how you do it:

  1. Open Tinder (log in).
  2. Tinder open the menu (top left).
  3. Go Tinder menu to “app settings.”
  4. Under the heading: “Messages”, you can choose when you want to get a notification.

7. Do not focus horny

MadonnaNot one woman will deny that it is fine to get male attention (duh).

(Men find it equally good to get female attention)

But the danger of Tinder is that some women get so much male attention at once that they change in focus horny Tinder in users looking on their mobile every minute.

Well, I do understand that it’s nice to get ten new matches a day as you normally meet one new man per month.

And it’s not really a (small) bit to enjoy the attention.

(Every woman deserves to feel it is feminine)

But look here, please bring a bit of …

Before you know it you Get addicted to this attention

catfishYou will not be the first in which this sudden attention drives you crazy, here in America is even a television show on called Catfish .

In this television show you how this attention makes people do the most bizarre things.

There was an episode in which a woman hit by all.

This woman was in fact bullied her childhood and she needs every man she had suddenly discovered internet dating attention.

But unfortunately the story does not end there.

“She became obsessed with all the male attention she was suddenly”

embarrassingAs a result she wanted more and more …

At one point she even remembered all strategies to get more and more of this attention.

This began with innocent pictures were taken in a way that she looked more attractive.

But that was not …

A few years later she had in fact dozens of fake accounts.

This obsession meant that she lost her job and home!

many matchesWell this may be a very extreme example, but things are far more common than you think.

Use Tinder not to get as many matches.

For what is the use of two hundred matches?

(If you have the time to do so)

The answer to that question I leave to you.

My advice is to exchange messages at a time with a number of men (which you think are nice).

It appears that none of them meets your requirements? Then again only looking for new matches.

8. Use the Super Like


source 3

As you may now know there are a lot of men on Tinder to choose from.

But every now and then you come across a man against which you think:

“Wow, was with him, I like to meet up sometime.”

You give him a like in the hope that he returns to you a like.

Secretly look occasionally at Tinder to see if he liked you.

Sorry. A week later. Still not match (with him).

super like

source 4

At moments like this you would want nothing more than that there is a function on Tinder allows you the chance to increase your match dramatically.

Good news.

That feature is called “Super Like”.

This function is the probability that you match three times and you are seventy percent more (source 3).

This super effective tool you can use once a day.

So when you encounter a man that your heart beats faster, press the “Super Like button (source 4).

At present, he will receive an special notification that you gave him a Super Pay, and Tinder is no better than the entrant;)

Part 2 – Tinder conversation for women: What to say Tinder to decorate men.

9. Tinder opening lines for women (the first message)

man-decorating-on-facebookSome women send – out “principle” – not the first message to a man.

This is the same woman that I repeatedly mail with the question: “Tim, how can it be that I met any nice men” Let me aside.

What it comes down to is that there are a thousand and one reasons why he has sent no message.

So it may be that he’s a four-day meditation course where he can not use his mobile.

So if he does not immediately send a message than does still mean nothing.

Suppose that you seem like a nice man, just take matters into his own hands.

Show initiative and send a message.

This really should not be a brilliant and premeditated opening.

Notice something about his pictures (or text profile) what you like.

Or say only if necessary: ​​”Hi, who are you?”

This alone will ensure that the probability that you get to talk a hundred times larger.

And if you do it out of principle, want to send a first message, then please send me any email asking why you never met a nice man.

10. The right amount of funny / serious in your conversations

why so seriousIt is very dangerous to go see the Internet dating (phone dating in this case) as a sort of job interview.

Some women seem to think:

“I have often had to deal with a man who eventually did not want what I want, so now I’m out violently screening men.”

When they meet a new man, they ask the same:

  • How tall are you?
  • What kind of work do you do?
  • Where are you from?
  • Do you have any plans in the future for children?

This creates two problems at once:

Turn-Offs men

  1. You scare off here with a lot of men.
  2. You learn not really know each other this way.

OK. It is then perhaps important questions, but certainly on a Tinder app if you do not want to ask these questions in the beginning.

first go try to find out if you have him as a person likes. And then you can see if it actually fits.

It is important to have the right amount of funny / serious.

Here’s a simple rule:

The 75/25 line

balanceIn the beginning you want 75% funny and 25% serious.

When your call is longer turn it around.

So 75% and 25% seriously funny.

This line (approximately) to keep you prevent will seem you interview for a job interview.

Not only does this increase your chances he wants to date you, this way you make it fun again for yourself. Win win.

11. Ask him questions about his nice personality

personalityWe were on the previous tip about equally, it is not a good idea to set the start him many serious questions.

Simply because you this scares men .

So instead of you asking him what work he does or what his plans are for the future, you ask him questions like:

“What makes you really happy?”
“What is the best book you have ever read?”
“Gee, what’s your favorite vacation place to go?”
“What do you like so much fun to do on a free Sunday afternoon?”

Those are good questions to ask in the beginning, keep the other factual questions so for later.

Read further? A good friend of mine has a list of super fun questions to ask him, curious? Go to this article and looking at the Lilla list.

12. The use statements

It’s very funny because when someone asks questions constantly there comes a point when you talk to resemble an interview.

(Something you want to avoid seeing at all times)

A nice way to escape it by posing questions to alternate with statements.

The nice statements is that someone feels compelled to answer, without having the person asking a question.

Every person namely the urge to you at such a time:

  1. Equal display.
  2. Uneven display.

For example, say to him:

statement“I think you’re a typical football man …”

Then there are two ways how to respond:

  1. He gives you the same: “That’s right, I’ve been playing since I was nine at fc ball on the roof, and …”
  2. He gives you wrong: “No, not at all, I hate football, because …”

As you can see he will give detailed answers in both cases without you even have one question him.

This is useful a trick to ensure variety in your conversations.

13. Give him compliments

Recently I received an email from a woman who said:

“Tim, I follow men’s secret for a while now and I must say that you will find articles and videos amazing. But in almost all the articles I’ve read you always tell you to give him a compliment, I wondered if this is really so important? “

First, this kind of messages are super fun to get.

Secondly, it is true that I am in many articles (and videos) to: “Give him a compliment,” give advice.

This compliments because giving is such an easy way to win a man for you that would be a shame not to make use of it.

By giving him a compliment because you caress his ego (something men are prone to).

It is a silent road to decorate it easily

Close up photo of cheerful young coupleWell it is true that it Tinder just works a little differently than in real life.

On Tinder because you do not want to give too much physical compliments, this wake you the impression that you are only out for sex.

But give him compliments about who he is as a person, for example:

You: “What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever experienced?”
He: “Last year I camped with a friend in Australia, in the middle of nowhere our car broke down, my friend had the hope given up after one day, but I did not give up, finally I got the car after two days working again. ”
You: ” Wow, that is indeed adventurous! Nice to hear that you are a fighter, I like personally or by … ”

By doing this you ensure that you will find it much more fun and love to talk to you, these make the threshold smaller to meet up sometime together.

And once you’re on a date you can tell him that he looks quite good, but until then: ssst …

14. Do not ijskonijn

ijkonijnForget the sugary dating advice from women’s magazines.

Tinder on you does not want to play hard to get, because with it you come across as a ijskonijn.

And if he even gets a bit the impression that you’re freezing, then he will agree it together as long ignore until it is certain that you are a nice person.

By playing hard to get you immediately have a backlog.

So he sends you a nice message? do not be the least and send a (nice) message back.

If you do not already was planning to talk to him, remove him, nobody matches gather there is something about it.

15. Write about the same as him

stalkerWhat do you want to try to avoid that you are the one who sends him constantly nice messages and that he subsequently not respond or curt .

This will bring clear desperate.

So there must be some kind of balance in the amount of messages that you send each other a call simply have come from both sides.

A good rule to reason to hold is that about the same as writing it.

You will not respond if a curt ijskonijn (tip # 14), but you do not want as a desperate troela thirty send messages per day (while not responding or short).

In other words:

  • he responds curtly? Then no lengthy messages sent to him, but keep it short.
  • he reacts fun and spontaneous? Bingo. Reply as fun and spontaneous in his messages (PS: The opportunity here is great that he likes you).

16. Wait a moment before pressing the ‘send button’

Screenshot 2015-09-25 at 17:26:36Do you have typed a message? Good. Wait ten seconds before you send it.

First ask yourself if:

  1. You say something onnozels?
  2. Your message is loud and clear?
  3. You have not created a typo?

This prevents an incredible amount of misunderstandings and quarrels.

Especially when you want to leave a good first impression you would do well to wait ten seconds before pressing the ‘send’ button. You Can Also Learn More About How does Tinder work as well.

17. Do you like him? Do not wait too long to agree.

Coffee breakSometimes I hear from women that they already months with the same man messages on the exchange are.

They literally stabbing all their time and energy.

What happened is that they romanticize about this guy, so going to find more and more.

… And all before they have him in real life.

But in reality you really know if someone is nice when you really have seen each other.

Anyone can occur if Shakespeare through Tinder

shakespeareEveryone can be charming and funny through text messages.

Because look. If I could think everytime thirty seconds before I said something … I would have been so nice and charming … you have no idea.

But, in practice, this is slightly different.

You should namely direct answers, hence pops right off still sometimes something stupid out of my mouth.

The danger is that when you talk long with someone via text messages, you will get a whole picture of the person.

But if you see him in real life then you find out that it does not click, and that he is not nearly as fun as you thought at first.

In short, do not wait too long to agree.

The whole idea of ​​the Tinder app is that you come in contact with someone you meet, it is not intended that you get a new chat courtship with whom you can exchange messages.

Read further? In this article are 23 ideas and activities for a first date, so ideal to get to know him in a fun and relaxed way.

From Tinder to date … what now?

There is more than that to win a man for you than just a chat, now the real work begins.

On a date since there is more to it than pictures and profile sentiment, also dates you do not have all the time to think before you say something.

But there is no reason for panic, as there is a very simple trick that you can make it soon obsessed with you.

This simple technique works like a train, if you want to know what this is simple trick, enter your email address below and I will send it directly – free and private – to you.

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Weakness : Enormous weakness against aerial monsters, sensitive to zone spells, may have difficulty in dealing with slow but more powerful decks.

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CSR Racing 2 Screenshot – (c) NaturalMotion

Anyone who already knows the predecessor, will quickly understand the gameplay behind CSR Racing 2. At the start, the speed must be kept in the correct range and switched at the right time in the race. Sometimes it is not enough, of course, because your car needs to be constantly improved. New at CSR Racing 2 is the possibility of tuning. If you have, for example, the transmission at a certain level, you can adjust this and the new settings test how fast you are. So one shot is worthwhile for short races, another for longer races. Even if it is in the seconds range, can decide about victory or defeat.

You can also meet with friends in a crew. Of course, we have also created a crew called “Touchportal”, which everyone can join. Within the crew there are different tasks to fulfill and you get thereby also bonuses. In addition, you can start CSR Racing 2 real-time racing against other players. Of course, there are still the story missions and ranking races against the computer. However, every race costs fuel, which only recharges after a certain time. Then it is waiting or the Premium-currency grab, in order to still be able to further.

Incredible graphics

However, we were particularly impressed by the graphical implementation of CSR Racing 2. Not only do the races make fun, but also in the garage, you can not only view your car in a 360 degree mode, but also open all kinds of doors Look inside. Although this is not very much related to the playing principle, these little things provide an even better feeling.

In the game, you unlock more than 50 vehicles, including licensed cars from Ferrari, McLaren and many more.

Trailer Video to CSR Racing 2

Finally, we have the launch trailer of CSR Racing 2 for you, which shows where the journey will go. Here is the video:

Download the app

We were able to convince CSR Racing 2, which is also because we appreciate the game genre very much, because it is something for intermediate. Of course you have to say again that it is only progressively progressing. If you want to go faster, you have to use the in-app purchase and the premium currency.

Above all, however, the developers have turned the graphics, which is now more impressive. This even goes so far that you can inspect the interior of the car. But even in the actual game something has happened. Connect with friends to a crew, customize your car, and go into the car’s settings to customize it for short and longer distances. CSR Racing 2 is available free of charge for Android and iOS and is financed through advertising and in-app purchases.

CSR Racing 2 for Android on Google Play Store

In the Google Play Store, CSR Racing 2 can be downloaded from Android 4.1 or later. The Drag Racing game is also very popular with the other players with 4.7 stars, although there are of course some critical voices for the game. Go to Google Play Store:

App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the iTunes App Store

CSR Racing 2 is available on the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. On the newer devices you can open and close doors, hoods and co. The game requires iOS 8 or later. To the iTunes App Store:


Hi folks,

I would like to welcome you to the first career tournament to FIFA17 .

Why did you choose this club?
What transfers did you make – and why?
~ What contracts have been extended, which are not – and why?
~ What are your lineups and what tactics do you use?
~ Do you invest in youth work?
~ Do you look for realism?
What additional goals do you have? Debt relief, etc.

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